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  • comic books
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  • recording artists
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Our Purpose

Multiverse Clothing Company Inc. is developing groundbreaking smart fashion using graphic art related to superheroes, comic books, recording artists, animated characters, video game characters and athletes.  We are creating stylish authenticated high-end lined smart apparel collections with built-in utility for humans and Avatars that will allow fans to unlock experiences, access to special content and more.

With our limited-edition collections, you will look fly (we know) and enjoy being a fan in ways never imagined before. And, as long as you have your smart apparel, you will have the key to unlock unlimited adventures. 

If you just want to have a deeper connection as a fan or if you are part of the collector community, Multiverse Clothing Company Collections will have designs that are tailored specifically for you. 

Welcome to our journey, now we want to be a part of yours.

Phygital Collections

The emergence of Web3 and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies have made it possible to securely authenticate and pair physical and digital products sparking a phygital revolution.

The Multiverse Clothing Company Inc. is bridging the gap between real world fashion and metaverse fashion. Now, you and your Avatar can look fashionable no matter where you are. 

Our smart apparel will make it very easy to seamlessly register as the unique owner using any cell phone. 

Not all collections will be paired with a physical and digital twin, but many will have that option.

Now let’s get phygital (we know).

The Tech